to mister interior designer

I was really upset with you after you left today. I don't like people who tip little amounts, it seems so selfish or something. But to leave nothing is just rude. Especially when you spend $65 and treat all your friends to lunch and dessert. It made me angry because it told me you don't value me or the service I provided you with at all. Just like you would find it insulting to have someone say a room you designed was ugly, people who don't leave me tips insult me. The thing is, I thought you were a fairly decent person, you liked the food, the restaurant, and raved about it to your friends. So, it was apparently all me... Another thing you don't realize is that I don't keep all my tips. I need to tip out the kitchen staff and the busser based on a percentage of your bill, so when you leave nothing that five percent of $65 comes out of my pocket. So thanks for that, too.

The thing is, I decided not to let you ruin my day. So what if you didn't tip me? So what if I have to absorb the extra costs? You may have forgotten to leave something on your debit card. Maybe you thought your friends were leaving a tip. Maybe you just plain forgot. Maybe not. I don't care. What it comes down to is this: I have two jobs that I really enjoy, I live in an apartment and house that I am continually happy to come home to, I have wonderful friends and family whom I love and who love me back, and my life is pretty full and pretty good. I can only wish the same for you.
sincerely, your server


pamero said...

What a jerk. (M.I.D.)
No one 'forgets' to tip
on a $65 bill.

Linda said...

I'm sorry to hear that. There is no excuse. Jerk.