the kind of day i'm having

I left my laundry outside long after it dried and then it rained. So my laundry is outside drying for the second time. I'm still in my pyjamas because it's Day Two and I'm uncomfortable in my own skin, let alone real clothes. My computer isn't working properly and it's really annoying. I want to smash it. With. My. Bare. Hands. I have fourteen apples in my fridge, not including the one I just finished eating. I think I should go have my eyes checked but I'm scared to go. Check-ups and appointments always make me feel like I've failed somehow. But I do like seeing clearly.


pamero said...

um...was my laundry out there too?
Now it will REALLY smell like 'fresh rain'! ha! ha!

cornelia said...

um...yours is in the dryer downstairs still... I forgot to tell you... sorry

beckster said...

I have the same thing when I go to get my eyes checked out, it's like I didn't take care of them so now there worse. I hate it. I need to go get mine checked too.