the other side

Hey, you know that feeling you get when you start to think of places you'd like to visit? Or that feeling you get when you think of places you've already been? I'm very familiar with this feeling of longing and am usually planning my next trip at any given time. At my most boring moments at work you will find me staring out the window - but not seeing the cross streets of Princess and James. I'm seeing Mumbai or Auckland or Colmar; remembering the strange newness of places I've never been before and am not familiar with.

But not lately. I don't know why, but for some reason I am perfectly content to be right where I am. Driving in the car I get a thrill out of knowing exactly which radio station I like. I don't need a map to tell me which street to turn down. I am usually addressed in a language I understand. I'm the one walking to work giving directions to tourists. I can interpret the body language of the people around me without thinking twice about it. This is my culture and I am completely at ease in it.

It's nice to be on the other side for a while, appreciating all the things I most often dream of escaping. But at the same time I worry I'm loosing my wanderlust. I don't like being too comfortable or settled. It'll come back, right? I'll see a picture on the internet of some exotic land or hear about someone backpacking to their heart's content and I'll be inspired again, right?

No worries. I'll just wait. It will make my next trip that much better...


Heather said...

When it's in your spirit, I don't think it ever entirely leaves you. Sometimes it lies dormant for awhile, and you're content to be at home, but then it comes back with a vengeance. Like now - I am longing to wander and am having a hard time with the fact that we've had to cancel a road trip this summer.

Irene S said...

Washington DC is a fun place to visit.. and a Canadian is just a Metro ride away :)