things to do to avoid taking your serving alcohol permit test:

1. sleep in
2. read some blogs
3. have a shower
4. for no particular reason ('cause it's not like you're going out anywhere) blow-dry your hair
5. post a blog
6. read some comics
7. think about having something to eat
8. check your email
9. remember and laugh out loud at the movie you saw last night
10. think about how beautiful life will be when the test is over


ccap said...

A few more ideas (in case you were in need of some):
1. Think up names for your plants.
2. Watch tv. Is Nanalan on?
3. Make a prank phone call to Pam.
4. Work on your left-handed writing.
5. Clean out your fridge freezer. (Oh no, wait, that's ME that should be doing that.)
6. Paint your toenails.
7. Run up and down the stairs very loudly until someone in the RMJM house comes to investigate.
8. Go for a slurpee.
9. Go flirt with the construction workers.
10. DON'T be sarcastic. It's the refuge of losers.

cornelia said...

all EXCELLENT ideas. I'll be working on it.

And I'm NEVER sarcastic, so no worry there...

pamero said...

Hey! I resent #3.