after a phonecall at 2 am

How can one phonecall at two o'clock in the morning do so much to reshape my mind? How can talking to someone for half an hour, halfway around the world be such a full and complete experience in a world of halves and portions? How can the voice of God fit through thin telephone wires? How can His heart reach me through something as fragile as metal and plastic, soundwaves and vibrations, human hearts and human minds?

Thank you for pausing in your morning to sit and talk with me. Thank you for grounding me with hard questions and serious challenges and then lifting my spirits with loud, baby's kisses from the other side of the phone, the other side of the world.

Last night, to me, you were fresh, crunchy, green snow peas after too much candy. Thank you.


ccap said...

Mmm. A snow pea phone call. How delicious!

Anonymous said...

Apparently you are a poet :)

Irene S said...

Neat post :)