cherish every moment

It's that glorious time of year when it's warm enough out to wear summerish clothing and the malls and grocery stores and movie theatres haven't yet turned on their air conditioning.

You can actually walk into an indoor space and not freeze your buns off. Or have to carry in a change of clothes with you (I've seriously done that when going to movies).

That's pretty fantastic and I'm going to enjoy it for... about one more week, I'd guess...


Mom said...

I was just "cherishing those moments "this week too. I think we notice this more intensely as we do not live in the malls! :)

kim said...

I thought ahead to bring a sweater out to lunch, and we ended up sitting outside, but someone said "Look at how prepared you are!" And I was like, "Yeah!" (like yeah, cause I hate being cold!)

Nice one.