dontcha just love that?

Someone at work attended the Carrie Underwood concert here in the city the other night, and made a point of coming over to talk to me about it.

Which I thought was funny because nothing about me says "country music" and I can't name even one of her songs.

Then she started talking about the two "Christian" songs Carrie Underwood sang and it dawned on me why she was having this conversation with me. She knows I run the kid's ministry at our church and we've had a few talks about her church, too.

But after hearing about "Temporary Home" and "Jesus Take the Wheel*" and how bold it was for Carrie Underwood to sing such overtly Christian songs and what a great opportunity it was to spread the word with a capital W, I felt like making it clear that I may be a Christian, but I'm not *that* kind of Christian**.

* I realize that now I can name TWO Carrie Underwood songs. 

** I'm not trying to offend anyone here, I'm just trying to say that slapping Jesus' name in a song doesn't make it a good song in my books. And singing a shmultzy song about faith doesn't mean the artist is living by faith.  


mmichele said...

Just the title, "Jesus, take the wheel" makes me laugh. You could also say, "JESUS! Take the wheel."

Anonymous said...

Here, here. I think I would HIGHLY love a song called "Jesus, take the wheel". Sounds like my kind of song.