two tiny handfuls

Daryl has been a way a lot in the last week and a half. Actually, out of ten days he'll have been away for eight. So he left a little mix of music for Lil' Sprout and I to listen to, a special little mix just perfect for babies who are growing.

So I was listening to it and When Water Comes to Life by Cloud Cult caught me off guard and I found myself having to go sit down to have a little cry and pull myself together.

See, the lead singer and his wife lost their son when he was two years old.

And I know this new playlist was for Lil' Sprout but somehow Emmanuel is in there, too.

I don't know how sorrow and hope can live together side by side, but I think, in my heart at least, they always will.


Mom said...

I was thinking and feeling the same way when I listened to this song on the way to Virden this past weekend. Emmanuel will always be with us . <3