162 beats per minute

Well, here it is folks.

The big step.

Me taking a gulp and announcing... We're 17 weeks pregnant.

It still feels scary to say it out loud, as if I'm inviting all that scariness in to our lives. But, my pants aren't fitting anymore, I'm feeling little bumps and nudges, and this determined little heartbeat are all signs that someone is ready to make herself/himself known.

So, bring it on, Lil' Sprout! You might have to kick a little harder before your Mama can actually believe in you.


Krista said...

Thank you, Jesus! I will be praying hard that your little one is stubborn and strong - at least in utero. I can change my prayer about that when s/he is one or so. :D

Mom said...

That is the most blessed heart beat I have heard! 💚💜💛

Court said...

Yay! :)

Thank you for sharing that precious moment with the rest of us!

kim said...


Anonymous said...

Can't deny that sound. So happy for you both!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord Jesus.

Terry's Girl said...

Holy CRAP Corrie!!!! WHAT!?

I am so over the MOON excited for you guys.
*tear* so happy for you.

Daryl said...

kim said...

Awwww. Who would throw a friend out like this?

Corrie and I would love to have you and Nick over for Curry Lentil Cabbage Cumin Stew.