pretty sweet

I don't think it gets better than watching your nieces play together and then run out of the room, laughing, only to have one of them run back in, throw her arms wide open to you and declare, "I didn't get my hug!"

Heart. Melted.

On the other hand. Today I am nursing a cold that woke me up at 7am (on my day off!!!) with a dry mouth, headache, stuffed nose and crusty eye. I bathed my eye with a warm cloth for a long time, but I still have a droopy eyelid a la Forest Whitaker.

I think I need another hug.


kim said...

If we were brave enough to go out in the snow today, I'm sure Aali would snuggle your eye into remission :)
Our family fun was incredibly enjoyable and satisfying yesterday. Wasn't it? :)

corrie said...

Soooo much fun. And the weather was perfect! But I'll keep Aali away from my eye. Don't want her to end up a one-eyed pirate like me : )