ruby red

What a great weekend! My whole family spent the week gearing up for my parents' big 40th anniversary celebration. And celebrate we did! It was so much fun and all came together beautifully. There was good food, good drinks, lots of stories and songs and I think everyone felt relaxed and like letting loose. 

I'll post more photos later (after my parents have had a chance to see them!) but this is just a taste of the bright, colourful, party atmosphere that saturated the whole evening. 

And today... I think everyone is laying low. I know I'm trying to put my house back in order. Sigh... why can't every day be party day?


Mom said...

That WAS a fun weekend! Loved being with EVERYONE whether it was planning, working, eating, dancing and just plain having fun together. A huge heartful thanks for all you and Daryl did Corrie. I am also putting our house back in order today. Slept in this morning and still am a bit tired but; what can we plan to celebrate next!?

kim said...

I definitely did nothing today :)

Court said...

That was a fun weekend!

Pat, if you're looking for something to plan, I am turning 30 in April... ;)

Mom said...

What do you girls think? Are we up for another party planning time? I still have party stuff for 30th birthdays from Pam and Don's big 30th party :)