Blushing sounds so lovely, doesn't it? The heroines of novels often blush and the heros admire them for it. Why is that? It is supposed to prove that you're an innocent? Is it supposed to make you seem virginal?

Well, I've always been a blusher. But not the nice kind of romance novel blusher. I'm the my-face-is-now-beet-red-isn't-it kind of blusher. From my neck to my ears to my hairline. Any unwanted attention, any on the spot questioning (especially math), any blunders in front of an audience (as small as one or two people) and I'm done for.  My face gives me away.

I was once trying to play a prank on a coworker and a customer called out "You have a crush on him, don't you? You're completely blushing!" I assured her that I was happily married and I was just trying to play a practical joke. I can't hide anything! (little did she know that back in my I-have-a-crush-on-you days I couldn't even look at said crush without colouring, let alone converse with him, it was way too embarrassing what with my emotions right out there on my sleeve... er, face, rather.)

Well, I found this article on a blog I frequent and this one when I did a little digging on my own. I had to get more information. As a blusher, it was critical.

So apparently there is absolutely no purpose or explanation as to why humans have the blushing trait. But apparently it makes me more trustworthy. And apparently it makes me more virtuous and generous than people who don't get red faced at the very slightest provocation.

The thing is, I still don't like it when I blush. I dread the feeling of the heat creeping ever higher up my face. (even just describing it I'm afraid my face is turning red) I hate knowing that my embarrassment or state of fluster is so obvious to everyone in the room.

But if 33 years have taught me anything it's that there's no helping it. It is what it is. And if you can remember a particular moment when you could see the blush bloom on my face please don't mention it to me. It'll just make me blush.


kim said...

Have I ever made you blush? ha.