Three years ago we had a beautiful wedding and celebrated with so many friends and family. It was wonderful. Since then I think we've had every up and down imaginable. Three years seems like such a short time to cram so much life experience into, but c'est la vie and we've survived. Even come through it stronger and more in love than ever. 
So to celebrate we decided to go for supper. Daryl picked a place and off we went.

 First, we drove to Osborne. 
You can tell it's a special occasion because Daryl has his special occasion sandals on. 

You can also tell it's a special occasion because I put my apricot lip gloss on. I was going to say the last time I wore it was at our wedding but then I realized I wore it at my sister's wedding last summer. I guess it's becoming a habit : )

Then we walked to the restaurant. Holding hands of course. (One of the first things I noticed about Daryl is that he's a fast walker and our strides match perfectly. It made me so happy. I was reminded of this tonight because we got caught behind some slow walkers (not to be confused with car walkers) and I could tell we were both frustrated until we squeezed by them and continued on our way, at a fast but comfortable pace.)

We went to Kawaii Crepe! I'd never even heard of it but I was so excited! I lurrrrve crepes...

I got The Uptown (chicken, avocado, citrus mayo) and Daryl got The Kawaiian (ham, pineapple, mozza). They were seriously delicious.
Seriously. Delicious. 

Daryl scarfed his down in no time. 
(No idea who the guy is in the eggplant shirt, but I bet he really enjoyed his crepe.)

Then we got dessert crepes (A Lovely Pear, and It's a Smore)
I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of consuming more crepes but I was sure we were up to the challenge. 

At Kawaii Crepe they have a wall to leave love notes and sweet thoughts.

So I did.

I also managed to somehow consume more crepe.
Nutella? Graham crumbs? Marshmallows? 
How could I not dive in?

But a girl can only eat so much (especially when she's wearing her skinny jeans) and the remains of my two crepes came home with us. 

We topped off the night with a movie (avec coupon, of course, this is me we're talking about) and also squeezed in some good conversation, reflection on the last three years, laughed a lot, only got serious for a little bit, and were, most of all, so thankful. 

So, so thankful.

I'm not one of those people who throw around the word "blessed." 
I think it's a special word that should not be used lightly. 

But I know our marriage is blessed. 

And so we celebrate three years that have felt like a whole lifetime. 
And hope for much more life to come.


Ned Stark said...

we got caught behind some slow walkers (not to be confused with car walkers)

Also not to be confused with White Walkers

Court said...

aahhhhh Kawaii Crepes, I love/miss that place!

Happy Anniversary!!! I love you guys!

kim said...

I left you a really nice phone message. Did you get it? I may have sounded like I was drinking, but I meant it, I love you guys :) Happy Anniversary!

corrie said...

Courtney!!! We HAVE to go next time you're in the city! I'm ready to go again for supper tonight!

And, yes, I did get your singalong message yesterday, Kim, thanks for the well wishes : ) Wanna come with me and Court to Kawaii Crepes?

ccap said...

Your eyes do look a little overwhelmed. :-)

Happy anniversary!

pamero said...

Ned Stark? What the what!!! Ha ha, I love his link. And so suiting of your union. Happy Anniversary.