the whole package

Did you know that at school they now have "spring pictures?" It's true. They do. You get your regular school pictures done in the fall and now you have photos taken again in the spring. What a crock. Talk about a money grab from the photographers. Not only that, they also pay the school $1.00 for each person who has their photo taken.

I guess they found that the parents were more likely to buy if they sent home a whole package of photos that they then had to send back if they didn't want them. Worth it to shell out money to the school if they get $40.00 back from even a third of the parents. What a scam!

Not to mention that they print up all these photos and send them home. What happens if they get returned? Are they recycled? What about all the ink and energy it took to print the photos? Waste, waste, waste. All in the name of making money.

But I dutifully went and had my picture taken, if the school was getting a dollar, why not? All the staff went with the kids and had photos done.

It didn't occur to me that we'd actually get a picture package with the rest of the kids. But we did. "Sigh" I sighed, "now I've contributed to all that waste." I went to hand it back to the secretary. "It's yours," she said, "staff get theirs for free."


It's true! I got school photos taken! I have school photos to hand out! Not only that, I GET THE WHOLE PACKAGE!!!!

Never in the life of a Van A child have we gotten the whole package. Never. One year we didn't even get school pictures. (still not sure why... but there's a gap in the three oldest kids school pictures, our first year in Cairo)

And I got the whole package. Are you jealous, siblings? You should be. There's good stuff in there, nowadays. I got shiny metallic pictures, I got the giant picture, I got bookmarks and keychains with my face on them!

So exciting. It's actually kind of Corrie-overdose just looking at them all.

See what I mean?

I don't think I even have enough friends to hand them out to! What'll I do with all these blasted things? Do you remember having school pictures? Which are your most memorable?


Jannie Funster said...

Luckily my daughter did not want her spring photos this time. Saves us $$$

Laura VM said...

Dibs on the bookmark

Anonymous said...

The Plett kids often didn't even get any. Sigh. Whimper. I'd whine more if I didn't just turn around and not buy Abby any (spring or fall) this year.


Court said...

We always got the pictures and the 8x10 went up on the wall. Then we gave most of them to grandparents, aunts and uncles and when it was all said and done we only had about 4 or 5 pictures to trade with our friends. I was always disappointed about that.

corrie said...

Kay, but, ccap, you still get professional photos of A+J to hand out, just not school ones. So don't beat yourself up.

Court, I look forward to potential future kids having lots of aunts and uncles to hand out pictures to, even if it means friends get less... maybe we can scan them and print extras on regular paper. Ha. Poor kids.

corrie said...

Oh, and Laura, I'll even sign the back for you : )

Kimberly Oost said...

I'll have one of each size, please!!

Kimberly Oost said...

Ps, next year you should wear Elf ears.

mmichele said...

LOVE this! I want one. You look so 12.

corrie said...

YES! Elf ears would be fantastic! I'll have to be more prepared for next year. Then I can look like a twelve year old elf!

pamero said...

Hey! I thought I was getting the book mark!! Fine, but then I want the key chain.

Kathryn said...

I'll take a picture!! Can you sign the back just like in grade school?