sigh... i guess i should post the easter post

I don't know why I've felt too lazy to actually upload the pictures and post them on my blog. But I have.

It may have something to do with hand sewing 15 little chicks, growing wheat grass, planning and executing a Good Friday service, two family days full of playing with kids, making meals, cleaning up and visiting, leading communion Easter Sunday and then finally trying to put my house back together after ignoring it all week.

After all that it felt like too much effort to post.

But after a full week at work and a fairly relaxing weekend ahead of me I finally summoned the energy to clickity clack my way through a new post. You're welcome.

I forgot to take photos of the decorations I made for my Mom to surprise her when she got home and to cheer her with Easter gladness... but just imagine the most beautiful, creative, Eastery creations and you get the idea. Ha ha.

As for the chicks, here they are! My little babies!

I liked this guy, he looked like he was doing the Charleston.

And this little one looked like she was feeling sassy.

And this little sweetie was just plain lazy.

But they all found a little patch of grass to call home. And there were even little surprises hidden between the blades of grass. Delicious surprises!

Happy belated Easter!
And happy recovery from Easter!


Terry's Girl said...

thank you.

Very enjoyable.... :)

Mom said...

Corrie, you are simply amazing at cheering me up! :)
Thanks for the wonderful Easter decorations; I just love them. They will be up for awhile yet. :) Thanks for a wonderful weekend, you are such a blessing to us.

mmichele said...

Those are darned cute!!

Linda said...

They're so sweet! Lucky mom, to be able to come home to that!