pain d'amour

We have a little tradition, my hubby and I...

Every other Saturday I get up early (for a Saturday) and go to a Woman's Contemplative Bible Study. It's fantastic and I love going and learning and sharing in life with the women who attend.

On the way home I stop at a little French bakery and pick us up two pains au chocolat. I then bring them home and Daryl makes himself an espresso and I make myself a tea and we sit and eat and feel, for a moment, like our trip to France wasn't that long ago, and it won't be terribly long until we go again.

This past Saturday Daryl asked me,

"Do you love me differently on Saturdays?"

"No" I answered. He replied,

"I do. It's pain au chocolate love."

ps. Thank you for all you comments of love and support on the last post. Thanks for letting me feel what I need to feel as we navigate our way to a baby.


Anonymous said...

Really?! You're going to post THAT photo on here as I sit and eat my eversohealthy salad for lunch?! Waaaahhh.


pamero said...

If I just pretend that's english, Daryl loves you with, "the pain of chocolate". Dee-licious.

Mom said...

Could you PLEASEEE pick me up one or two or three or four on your next visit . I WOULD LOVE YOU MORE :)

Kimberly Oost said...

Can I come over next Saturday? :)