busy as a cupid

So, I basically went Valentine's craft crazy this weekend. Don't know why I got bitten by the bug, maybe I was jonesin' for crafts after the long stretch of nothing after Christmas. Anyway, this is part one: The Valentines.

These are the ones I made to send away to the nieces and nephews who live out of town. Fun, pretty wax paper/crayon hearts. So simple, so pretty.

These are the valentines I made for nieces and nephews who I don't have to mail things to. I saw an idea for something like it and just kept adjusting it till I made it mine : )

These are the valentines I made for kids at church and at school. I saw them on a website and the blogger was kind enough to offer the template for free! Sew on a little felt heart and come up with a piratey saying and they're off to all my valentines!

And I know he's too little for valentines but I couldn't leave baby Oscar out! I made him some Valentine's Day garland for his crib. Turned out way cuter than I expected!

Even though you may not have Valentine's Day craft fever, I hope you're thinking of someone (or someones!) special this year. Go give them a hug!


pamero said...

Holy Cute Batman! Since he's not quite using his crib, we put it on Oscar's change table...is that weird? And I LOVE those pirate valentine's!! I'm jealous...hint, hint. (I especially like the girl pirate.)