on a less preachy note

When Daryl and I were dating he did all sorts of sweet little things for me... bought me a poinsettia, baked me cookies, made me pizza, walked through -30 weather to leave little notes on my door while I was at work. And I ate it up.

"Enjoy it" my two favourite friends said. "Enjoy it while it lasts."

"Oh, I think Daryl's different," I actually said to them with these words coming out of my own mouth. "I think he'll still be doing all these little things even once we're married. "

Oh, Corrie, you're sweet but so, so dumb.

I found myself saying to Daryl while on the phone with him while he's away tonight, "...and, because I don't think you've picked up on any of my hints in the past... any kind of a little gift will do. I'm even talking tic-tacs kind of a little gift." He laughed sheepishly.

I don't know why I need a little gift. It's not like I don't know he loves me. It's not like we don't get to spend lots of time together. All I know is that when he gives me a gift (not even something extravagant - I beamed over the two containers of 50% off yogurt he got me, you'd have thought they were matching diamond earrings) something inside of me lights up.

And I love that he can make me feel that way like no one else.


Terry's Girl said...

ahhh...the special little something that you get from your love signifying you were,indeed, high in his thoughts while the two of you were apart....trust me, your not alone. :) bring me home a new shovel for the winter and i will light it up!

pamero said...

I agree, you are sweet, but so, so dumb. But you did pick out some lovely flowers for yourself the other day!