tea and tim tams

Don't find I have a lot to say lately, hence, no change in post for awhile. I've read a few books, seen a few movies, spent May long at the cottage. I'm working more and more, bought a sewing machine, have gone on some good walks through the woods. Lots is happening, but still, no post.

I love tea. I love that once in a while you get a pot of tea that was scalded just right, steeped just so, and, as you sip from your cup, it hits a tea loving spot that you forgot was there until the perfect pot came along.

I think my thoughts are steeping right now.

Should be a good, dark, satisfying cup along any time now.


Court said...

Looking forward to it!

Mom - Nana said...

Thanks for dropping in :) Next time you come I will have some Tim Tams and a good old cupa ready for us to enjoy together.