good day

My day started off watching The Wedding. I had the pvr set up to record it but in the back of my mind I thought, "Well, if I wake up at five and feel like it I'll watch it live..." Cue my brain to wake me up at 4:58am. (I don't know how it does it. I just know that I can tell my brain to wake me up and it does it. Once in a while there are exceptions and I sleep in but for the most part I can wake up whenever I want. I'll even wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off if I've set it. Weird. But not really the point.) I decided it was worth it to get up and lie on the couch and enjoy watching the wedding in the dark of a Winnipeg morning. And it was, I had fun. I admit to loving the royals. I remember the hullabaloo surrounding Princess Di's wedding and I loved her. Loved her. So I figured I would kick myself if I slept through it.

However, today also marks another wedding. Two years ago Daryl and I exchanged our own vows and have adored each other every day since. So, to mark our own wedded bliss we spent the day going on a hike:

Enjoying the scenery:

Sharing a picnic:

And finishing off with a cookie toast:

What a joy to get to share my life with my best friend and love...


Mom said...

So happy to see you enjoyed your Anniversary Day in just the special way that you both love to do. God's Blessings upon you both for the year ahead. Hugs and all my love to the both of you.

pamero said...

Nice cookie toast. Those cookies look good. Happy year two!