what I want to eat but won't

I mean, probably. Probably won't. Sigh.


ccap said...

Do you have all of those in your house at this very moment? Because then, WOW, impressive. If not, that will help keep you safe from eating them all - too cold to go to the corner store.

corrie said...

All these... and so much more... what can I say? I'm a hoarder when it comes to treats. My thoughts are, why eat it now when I could potentially enjoy it even more later?

Daryl had to learn that one the hard way.

It also means I usually end up throwing out some chocolate that's gone white because that better time never came.

Same goes for money, but I don't throw it out after the expiration date.

pamero said...

Ugh. Me too. A whole bag of stocking stuffer candy does nOt help. Neither does that whole pan of frozen butterscotch confetti sitting in the back porch. humph.

Mom said...

Sorry to say you girls get that hoarding of sweet stuff from me, who gets it from my father, who gets it from his father and so life goes on and on and on. I wonder who in your future family members will be the hoarders??? ( wicked hahaha )