if you have perpetually cold hands and feet you might understand this post

I am a cold person. "Cold hands, warm heart!" I've heard on more than several occasions. My hot water bottle was my constant winter companion until I got married. Now Daryl lets me put my cold hands and feet on his warm skin to warm up. Even though I know he's going to gasp at how cold they are, I greedily absorb his warmth.

It ends this weekend.

We're staying at my parents' this weekend while they're out of town and... WE RENTED A HOT TUB!

I'm so excited! This is an excitement that Daryl introduced me to. I used to group sitting in a hot tub along with taking a bath. Gross... why would you want to sit in your own dead skin cells and hairs that came loose and stew? But then I sat in a hot tub on a cold day. Wonderful. You stay warm for hours and hours after you get out. No hot water bottles required. No slippers with bean bags that you warm up in the microwave and then tuck onto your feet. No electric blankets. No heat packs for my mittens. Just warmth.

I can hardly wait.


pamero said...

Ohhhh yEEAAAh. Btw, we're coming over tonight. Oh and also tomorrow after Don's show. And probably for a bit on Sunday. When does it go back again??

Also, let's say a thank you to becky for checking the temperature yesterday and determining that: "IT IS NOT READY, I REPEAT THE HOT TUB IS NOT READY!!" ha haha...

ccap said...


I'm jealous. Me AND my cold hands are jealous.