if only the day had more hours (and I had more energy)

Man, oh, man, do I ever have an exciting post all planned out in my head. It will probably be the most exciting post I've ever posted on my blog. Ever. Photos, funny quips, and a glimpse into The Unseen and Terribly Thrilling Life of Corrie.

Yah. I also have to make a bajillion little glove critters for nieces and nephews, nine Christmas presents, VERY EXCITING Christmas cards, and must, MUST try to keep my house somewhat neat and tidy and keep all my craft stuff from taking over. (my recurring thought is, "what if my mom walked in here and saw my home like this? I can't have that, she mustn't be sad at Christmastime!")

Long story short: no time for aforementioned exciting post.



MOM said...

Yes, Corrie! I was thinking the other day that I never just pop in to see you anymore (since you got married and moved to the other side of the river!!) Yah, so I was thinking I should do that one Saturday, and you know that I would be a HAPPY Mom tiding up your place
to help you out :)

corrie said...

MOM! Point missed entirely! Please don't come over to tidy up my house! Just come over to visit : )

pamero said...

Ha ha ha. I enjoyed that comment conversation.

Mom said...

Corrie, I DID GET YOUR POINT, I know my girls just want me to come and visit and have tea but deep inside I still want to help you out.
Did you notice when I came over with Kurt (even if it was a short one:) that I didn't do any tiding up even when your place was in an upheaval :)
Love ya, see you soon!?

Daryl Hiebert said...

Hi Corrie. I'm banking on the fact that you will check this before you check your email.

Could you be a darling and get me my pipe jacket and slippers along with a bowl of tomato soup? I'll be in my office waiting.

**Before you get all in a huff, you should know I'm only joking

pamero said...

aaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha