question to myself

Why am I still eating this?

I have, before me, a bowl of half stale Froot Loops from the bottom of the bag which have been sitting in the cupboard for over a month, over which I poured milk I thought was questionable but couldn't quite tell because I still had Froot Loops in my mouth from when I was tasting them to see just how stale they were.

Time to put it down and get something else.

Thank you, brain, for thinking it through for me.


Terry's Girl said...

Funny what guilt can do to us over not wanting to waste....good call on moving on, sometimes we just gotta.

ccap said...

Maybe your brain could have a chat with mine about the altogether too greasy bag of chips that I'm currently consuming at a speedy pace.

Mom said...

My not wanting to waste won out over my brain for eating a small bowl of semi-stale tortilla chips yesterday afternoon which I enjoyed
anyway, as I love them sooo much:)

Daryl said...

Now you know how my mind is racing when facing the leftovers in the fridge.

Kathryn said...

See now maybe people get more sensible when they get married but I probably would have eaten it anyways!
Just last week I toasted a piece of bread at work and ate it, I was still hungry but when I went to put the second piece of bread in the toaster it was pretty moldy! I guess a little mold is ok cause I didn't get sick just felt really embarassed in front of my co-workers!