Sometimes, in reflective moments, I try to figure out why I fell in love with Daryl. Falling in love sounds too trite for what I mean, though. What about him, in particular, made me love him, out of everyone else? Is it emotional? Is it chemical? Is it personality? Is it spiritual? I don't know. I do know that there are moments when I am overwhelmed with thanks and praise that this man is my husband.

And now the two who became one will soon become three.

Oh, the excitement, and the joy, and the expectations, and the hope. But somewhere in there I lost Corrie and I don't know where she has gone. The hormones and the sickness and the sleepless nights and the tiredness made her leave, maybe. And I think all that is left is a vessel for baby. And all that is left is pre-natal vitamins, and getting enough milk, and vegetables, and protein, even when I don't feel like it. And no sugar, even when I really feel like it.

And I'm left with this little stranger who controls everything about me now, even what mood I'm in.

But I hear the old Corrie sometimes. Reminding me that she's still around. And reminding me that she doesn't know how it happened but she fell in love once, she can do it again.


Terry's Girl said...

Wow Corrie! Congrats to you and Daryl....you just entered another world. Enjoy the ride, savor the moments and accept imperfection, make sure your seat belt is strapped on tight. You may not love every moment but you will find yourself wondering how you ever existed before. Life is good!

ccap said...

Oh Corrie, this post almost made me cry in remembrance.

About a week after Abby was born I distinctly remember J-L looking at me while driving in the van and saying "it's nice to have Cynthia back".

Anonymous said...

Smile. I never "had" to the pregnancy thing, but the biggest reason I wish I could have another child is that totally falling in love with another person.


beckster said...

Heres to you Carlos, you will be worth it all, and much much more! (I'll give you a hug when I see you, even before I give Pam one! :P)

Mom said...

It is weird that you wrote this post as just yesterday, I was thinking about you and Daryl and how you feel so completely in love with each other so fast.

Also, I can't wait to get home to see you and hopefully feel my grandchild move in you, Carlos, you bring tears to my eyes
Love Grandma:)