no word of a lie

So I was sitting at Angel's desk today helping her finish a page in her health book. Angel is unabashedly my favourite student. She's hilarious and I end up spending a lot of one on one time with her to help with writing and math and reading. Imagine her as an ultra-cool, seven year old Filipino girl.

Me: Okay, Angel, what are three influences in how and what you eat?
Angel: What?
Me: Three influences. An influence is something that makes you decide what you're going to eat.
Angel: A what?
Me: An influence, like maybe talking about healthy foods in health class helps you decide to eat healthier foods.
Angel: Not really. I really don't listen during health. I just sit back, try to relax and make it look like I'm paying attention.

I couldn't help but laugh outloud at her.

Her response to which was to laugh, grab my arm, hug it, press her nose to my wrist and proclaim, "You smell nice."


pamero said...

oh my goodness.
I think you should definitely tell us more work stories! They are WAY more interesting than my work stories.
By the way, you DO smell nice. all the time.

pamero said...

ps-fricken awesome new blog design.

ccap said...

Goodness, look at you with the fancy new blog design!

And, I think I'm a little bit in love with Angel too.