i want my weekend back

Not that Saturday wasn't good. It was very good - full of fun activities, good deals, new experiences, and a little bit of work thrown in for good measure. But it was busy. And Sunday was a total write off. In terms of relaxing, restful time, it's like it didn't even happen.

And now I'm sitting at school eating lunch (the second last of about 170 cheese tortellini containers that I made way too much of one day and have been eating for lunches ever since. I'll never look at tortellini the same way again...) and thinking, "It's HOW MANY days till the weekend?"

Maybe we could all just take a break so I can catch up on my missed Sabbath?


Terry's Girl said...

I know just want you mean Corrie, that is me every weekend lately it seems, sports...play-offs, play-downs,play-dates...ect. no time to rest (or actually put laundry away)no complaints here, but sometimes its nice when monday comes, just for a slow down (only sometimes and maybe for five minutes) just think how much more you'll enjoy your 'you' time.