mrs. josh ritter

Our trip to Minneapolis, in point form:
- Cynthia, Pam, Don and I in a car for 14 hours laughing, talking, eating junk food
- reading nutrition facts off a napkin in Subway
- being made fun of as we stood in line waiting to go into the concert (oh, wait, Don apoligized, I should get over it)
- the opening act and his backup singer/musician/slave
- the Josh Ritter concert that I would classify as the best of my year
- the smile on my face the whole time
- except for the opening act... I didn't smile then
- trying to find a hotel at midnight while most of them are fully booked due to bad weather and the near vicinity of an airport
- Ikea
- the most amazing little Mexican Restuarant we found in Fergus Falls
- arriving home safely after eight solid hours of rain and crazy truck drivers
- did I mention the awesome Josh Ritter concert?


ccap said...

- ah the flags, all the glorious flags
- rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain
- how much fun the band had
- dramatic music for tiny kisses
- double, double

pamero said...

-forgetting my pillow at the hotel
-java 'hut'...literally