friday fourteen

Fourteen places I'd rather be right now.
(I know... I'm a whiny little sucky baby)

1. At a movie with Pam and ccap.
2. At the cottage.
3. Going out for lunch with my mom at Taste of Sri Lanka.
4. On a plane headed to an exotic locale.
5. Even better - already at the exotic locale.
6. Grocery shopping at Extra Foods for lots of delicious food with no spending limit and lots of cupboard space.
7. At folk fest.
8. Walking around downtown, hotdog in hand, on a cinnamon day adventure.
9. Making supper at my parents' to be eaten in the garden with my whole family.
10. Babysitting Abby in their new house.
11. Getting a tattoo at a tattoo parlour.
12. Hanging out with my grandparents in Penticton.
13. Having a picnic at St. Vital Park.
14. On an island somewhere in the Whiteshell setting up camp.


pamero said...

Let me just say yes! to all 14!

Irene S said...

is that the taste of sri lanka in winnipeg square, downtown?