socks part II

So, I picked up some winter socks that I thought might be okay for me. I already mentioned how the store took away all the winter socks leaving me with nothing to end out the winter. Well, I found some, tucked away between what can only be described as bobby socks and some socks that looked like a fraggle vomited them into being. Now, the socks that I bought had a big "Angora!" sticker on them and I immediatly disqualified them from purchasing because I can't wear wool. Even really soft wool. Even lamb's wool. But then I couldn't find any other socks so I went back to the Angora! socks. I touched them. They felt okay on my hands. I rubbed them on the inside of my arm. Still okay. I thought, maybe Angora! is the only kind of wool I can stand! Maybe this is a revolutionary day in the life of corrie! I touched them to my face (!!!!). Still okay (well, as okay as I can be after touching strange sock to the skin of my face). And I thought to myself, "The soles of my feet cannot be more sensitive than my face. These won't bother my feet at all. I'll take them!"

Fast forward to one day this week when I'm looking for socks to take to work with me. I find the Angora! socks and throw them in my bag.

After I finished work for the day and I was changing for the walk home I pulled out the Angora! socks and pulled them on. I wiggled my toes around a bit. Not bad. I could feel one scratchy part but it was a piece of straw or something and as soon as I took it out of the sock my feet were fine. I was so happy. If you could have seen the joy in my heart it would have brightened your day.

But then I started walking home. I was right. The Angora! socks didn't bother the soles of my feet. They did, however, scratch and irritate the tops of my feet and my ankles. Oh, it was torture walking home! My shoes pressing the socks down onto my feet! My jeans flapping around and rubbing the socks against my ankles! I had imagined that Angora! was wool from some sort of baby lamb who would never hurt me, who merrily pranced through the English countryside, or some placid animal who loved all creatures on God's green earth. I was so wrong. So very wrong.

Does anyone want two pairs of socks? They're Angora!


ccap said...

"I touched them to my face"

My eyes literally bugged when I read that.

pamero said...

ME! ME! I want those socks. I think I have two pairs of socks left without holes, but I keep meaning to learn to darn socks and so refuse to buy more. But free ANGORA! socks? How can I pass that up?

Linda said...

I can't wear wool either but I have considered angora. Thanks for doing the dirty work for me. I'll never buy them. I know that scratchy feeling too well.