a list

Reasons why it is good to have a 10,000 watt light shining in your window at night:
1. Your eyes don't need to adjust to the dark when you turn out your light.
2. You don't need a nightlight.
3. If you have a star light hanging in your window (and I just happen to have a star light hanging in my window) you can stare at the star shaped shadow on your ceiling created by the 10,000 watt light shining through your window.
4. The plants in the window can produce chlorophyl twenty-four hours a day.
5. Round the clock photosynthesis = more oxygen for you to breath.


Linda said...

Way to look at the "bright" side of things.

Anonymous said...



pamero said...

If ever I considered myself to be a light sleeper, I know now that I am not, seeing as how I can sleep right through that bright light as well as all the yelling construction boys.

Michele said...

is it STILL shining? you must tell me these things! i'll call him again!