things I will never do

1. Pierce my tongue or nipple.
2. Say, "I think I'll buy that purse, it's only $1500."
3. Marry because I don't want to be alone.
4. Jump out of a plane by choice.
5. Go cave diving.
6. Climb Mount Everest.
7. Regret not having taken the time to travel during my twenties.
8. Let a relationship take over my entire life.
9. Let anything take over my entire life.
10. Drink a glass of extra pulp orange juice and then say, "Mmmm... that was delicious."


ccap said...

Good list! And #10 made me laugh out loud. That's right, sitting here by myself laughing out loud.

pamero said...

Yeah, me too! I actually laughed out right out loud. By myself. At my desk. Alone. It was great.
As for #9, I think maybe you should maybe be letting Jesus take over your entire life.
You disappoint me. :(

beckster said...

ahhh #10...remember that time they made you dink that glass of extra pulp orange juice at church for some event or another. that was excellent entertainment.

corrie said...

Yah, I remember that night. I remember the gag reflex that I was trying desperately to ignore, too...