I was just talking with a few people about sleep. See, I need sleep. Not, like, six or seven hours but eight hours. Everynight. Nine hours would be ideal. If I can get nine hours of sleep I feel like I'm primed and ready to face the day.

When I don't get sleep for a few nights in a row I often get sick. Or a coldsore. So I try to avoid missing out on too much sleep because I hate getting sick and I hate coldsores.

Someone once told me that needing lots of sleep is a sign that I am a highly sensitive person. Not sensitive as in if you hurt my feelings I will cry, but sensitive as in I pick up on what is going on around me more than the average person. Needing more sleep than others doesn't make me lazy (like I used to think) it just means that my nerves and brain synapses (or whatever) have been working harder than most people's and need more time to repair themselves.

After I read more about it I slept really well. And guilt free.


richardvankeulen said...

ever thought of the idea that your brains are not working that fast :-)

Big hug from Veenendaal / Holland,
Riesj and Mim

cornelia said...

Ahhhh... I know you make fun of me because you love me *wink*

Big hug back to you guys : )