corrie's five levels of cold

1. The summertime cold hands, feet, and nose. This level is easily solved by going outside into the sunshine, not a big deal, but I've heard that most people find they don't get cold in the summertime in the middle of the day.
2. The wintertime cold hands, feet, and nose. From about the end of september to the middle of may this is perpetual for me. I don't even notice it anymore until someone holds my hand or my nose starts to drip. I do avoid touching people with my bare hands in the wintertime, though. It can be somewhat of a shock to them.
3. The cold feet when I'm trying to fall asleep. Sometimes I'm so tired I climb into bed thinking, "No, I don't need to get a hot water bottle, my feet will warm up on their own!" I don't know what kind of denial I'm dealing with when that thought actually crosses my mind. So, I lie in bed, waiting for... I don't know... my feet to sponateously cobust? The rest of my body is ready for sleep but I lie awake for what seems like hours because my blasted feet are like blocks of ice. Then two things happen - a. I try crossing my legs while lying flat on my back and tucking my icey toes behind my knees and then- b. I get out of bed, put the kettle on, wait for it to boil, fill up the hot water bottle, and go back to bed where I fall asleep in about fifteen minute. Sigh.
4. The "I'm so cold I involuntarily shudder" cold. This happens about once a week. Other symptoms include, me huddled over a cup of tea (like it can actually save my life), layering my clothing as if I actually HAVE body heat to retain, putting on thicker socks under my slippers (again, the delusion that my feet can warm themselves up), wrapping a scarf around my neck while I'm indoors, and piling on blankets - heaping on blankets. Nothing can really fix this level, it just seems to go away by itself. I still shudder from the cold under my blankets, with my slippers and extra sweater on.
5. The "I'm so cold I think I'm just going to break down and cry" cold. I wish this were more rare than it actually is. Maybe you've experienced sitting in a car, waiting for it to warm up while the windchill is -49. Self-preservation kicks in and you realize that if you don't get warm soon, you will die.


beckster said...

haha, that would be funny if it were a joke. but instead i konw it is painfully true and my sympathies go out to you. my cuddling is welcome anytime.

pamero said...

My selfish favorite thing about your wintercoldness is that when you hit #4, sometimes even #3, you-the girl who never allows cuddling actually lets me cuddle her up when i sleep over.

Anonymous said...



Sheri said...

I feel you on all those levels although #5 is what pains me...I hate that kind of cold, especially when my old car takes just that much longer to heat.

Ah the life of a Manitoban.

I'm Krista's friend by the way, my fiance and I sit with her and Vergil whenever we make it to church. :)