sorry for myself

I just got home from working a split shift. Lunch and supper. On friday. Why, oh, why?
But they needed me and I said yes.
Now I'm home in my apartment that I love having something to eat. But tonight it's not enough.

Just once I'd like to know how it feels to come home to an apartment that is full of someone else. Someone waiting for me to arrive home.
Someone who would ask me how my day was (hard), give me a hug (I could sure use one), and ask me if they can fix me anything to eat (yes, please).

Life isn't bad in my apartment that I love but on nights like tonight I sure wish for something different. So I sit here listening to sad music and thinking of Jann's song:
i can't do anything
i don't believe in anyone
i just feel sorry for myself
for myself


pamero said...

Well, if I had known THAT, I would have offered you a hug and supper instead of a joyride to safeway.

Heather said...

Sorry. Don't know what else I could say that wouldn't come off as trite, so I'll just say sorry. You are beautiful

Michele said...

my darling...
it may not be exactly right,
but you can always come down
for a hug and supper.
you would make us