oh boy.

Twenty weeks and things are going well. There's been a lot of kicking to the point where I almost, ALMOST, found myself thinking, "Will you settle down? I'd like to get some sleep now." But mostly I'm just thrilled to feel it. And most nights you'll find me with my hand pressed against my stomach so I can feel the kicks inside and out. It's a delight.

We've also been spending the last week and a half rearranging and getting rid of furniture. We bought a new couch! And a new loveseat! Now, if you know me, you know it takes me MONTHS to make a decision like this and after eyeing them up for... a really long time, and visiting them, and sitting on them, and visiting them again, and thinking about it some more we finally got them. It was almost a disaster because they didn't have the colour I wanted for the loveseat (discontinued) and I had to make a decision RIGHT THERE if we wanted to get the buy-one-get-the-second-half-price deal. Talk about pressure. Talk about exactly what stresses me out. All I could think was, "This loveseat is under warranty for ten years. I have to decide right now which couch I want in my living room for the next ten years?" Oh boy. But I think we made a good choice. Even though the couch and loveseat aren't a set I think they look good together.

And so we've been enjoying lounging on our new furniture. The greatest thing for Daryl is that this couch has a chaise attached. He has wanted a chaise since I've known him, and we kind of had a make shift chaise but it wasn't the same. Now we have a real chaise. Not only that, but it's a bed as well, and when you pull it out it's like having a four person chaise. Daryl is in heaven.

So last night we pulled out the monster chaise and were watching a movie, my hand guiding Daryl's to show him where Lil' Sprout was kicking. It was cozy and warm and quiet and Daryl pressed his cheek up against my belly, getting as close to that little heartbeat as he could. "I'm the luckiest guy." He said. And I smiled, thinking I knew exactly how he felt. "I love our new couch so much."

Oh. My. Goodness. I was laughing so hard. He added that he also loved the baby, but I was too far gone to really care. It was so funny. Perfect comic timing.

I'm so glad I get to be married to this guy. I'm so glad he cracks me up so much. And I'm so glad we have the same weird sense of humour.

Oh boy.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad too. And I want to sit on your four person chaise with you.

kim said...

Me toOOO!