berry picking time

After a very, VERY mosquito-y long weekend at the cottage, my first official day of summer holidays included berry picking! The four of us girls packed up and headed out to a berry farm and picked eleven pails. Yum, yum, yum. And there were so many strawberries it didn't take long to fill them up. 

Nothing like fresh picked, Manitoba strawberries. 

I decided to share some with neighbours but was stuck in terms of what to share the berries in. I remembered a woven newspaper basket I had seen and decided to try it out, in pint form. Yah, it took for-freaking-ever so for the next three I made my own (much faster) design. Still looked cute!

And to top it all off, we were invited for dinner at Pam and Don's (to escape the heat of our third floor, non-a/c condo) for supper and ended up going for an impromptu summer boat ride. Deliciously cool. 

So, I'm guessing not every day of my summer holidays is going to be as fun filled as yesterday, but I'm enjoying just being at home today and sewing. What a luxury to have so much open ended time. 


pamero said...

Um, we actually picked *twelve* who has to make an amendment on their blog?

Court said...

Those paper pint baskets are too cute. Even better when they are full of those perfect looking berries!