one day two festivals

Saturday I was lucky enough to participate in two local festivals. And by participate I mean sit back and watch other people do all the work for a change. We had brunch and enjoyed the parade out in Transcona, celebrating their 100th anniversary at the Hi Neighbor festival. Then we went and had menno food out in New Bothwell and sat in Daryl's parents' backyard and watched the fireworks from their country fair and Wine and Cheese fest.

In all honesty, I wasn't sure what to expect that day. It just seemed like it was going to be a busy, busy day.

But I loved it.

I absolutely loved it.

Oh, the Hi Neighbor festival. I had a blast. We ate some yummy pancakes and eggs and sausages and then sat out on Kim and Nick's front yard and watched the parade go by. I got to cuddle with a sweet girl, collect some swag from the floats, and wave my hand through the air at anyone who turned my way, shouting "Hi, neighbor!" at the top of my lungs. 

I loved it. I got to be an honorary Transconian for the day. And let me tell you, they know how to throw a good parade out in Transcona!

We ate watermelon and rollkuchen in New Bothwell.  It is a strange meal, but I won't wax eloquently about it because Daryl is getting sick of me always making such a big fuss about it. It's basically donuts and watermelon. And you dip the fried pastry in corn syrup or honey. And that's it. That's the "meal." Delicious, but would we call that a meal? And why the two paired together? It's such an odd combination in my mind... oops, better stop. I can feel Daryl glaring at me where ever he is...

And we played lots outside. We were outside the whole evening. Basketball, soccer, volleyball, tag. It was a blast. And the kids loved the giant glow sticks I brought for them. We all had a game of light saber tag after it was dark enough. Then sat around the fire and enjoyed the fireworks which were quite impressive given that New Bothwell's a pretty small place. 

All in all, a fun, sunny, outdoorsy kind of day. 

And the best part of the day was driving home down the dark highway together, tired and happy and ready for bed. 


ccap said...

Two comments for the price of one:

1. Did you use wine and menno food in the same sentence? 'Cause as an honorary mennonite I think you should know that might not be allowed.

2. Glaring from over here too. Not sure we've ever had it as a meal per se but a delicious combination it is indeed. And if you don't get that well then you're wrong.

pamero said...

Awwwww, I know I'm on a fun trip and all, but I'm still jealous because I love local little festies like those and your days sounds fun and made me miss you both!

Court said...

I love small town festivities!

And you're getting a glare from me too. I haven't had roll kuchen in years, but I would have my fill if I had the chance!!