um... okay...

So we had an appointment this morning. Felt kind of like a luxury, actually. Sleep in a bit, have breakfast together... Y'know, stuff usually reserved for the weekend.

We walked to our appointment, talked with a doctor, got some blood taken again (why do doctors like to take so much blood?) and walked home to have a couple of nice warm lattes (Daryl's on a kick) because there's a bite to the wind and it's chilly outside today!

All this to say it took us a bit of time to notice that our car was missing. Took us till after noon, actually.

When Daryl said, "Um, where's the car?" as we were discussing whether I should drop him off for work or not, I just thought he had forgotten that we couldn't park in our usual spot. There's been a no parking sign up for the last couple of days because of street cleaning and so we parked in a different spot on our street.

But, nope. Not there either.

Hmmm... could it have been towed? But why? There were no signs up where we parked (trust me, we're very careful about checking for signs) and there was no reason to be towed. But Daryl called anyway as we gritted our teeth and I prepared to fight somebody about the fee.

Yes, our car had been towed. No, there weren't any signs up.

It was a courtesy tow. 

Our car had been moved to a few streets over.

What the what? They can do that?

So Daryl walked over and drove it back. I guess there's no courtesy return. There was no harm done. But I'm still a little baffled. Has anyone else experienced a "courtesy tow?"


Anonymous said...

Did they include a courtesy carwash?


Valerie Ruth said...

which company did it? i'm curious... can get my husband to check into them. sounds odd.

Linda said...

That happened to some friends of ours years ago in Wolseley because of street cleaning. At the same time, our cars in Elmwood were towed away for the same reason! I would have preferred a courtesy tow!

Terry's Girl said...

That must be a crazy dizzy feeling, to find your car...gone.
They do that in this area as well for snow clearing and street sweeping but one thing I noticed here is the tow company leave a small sign spiked into the grass where your car was originally parked. On it they put your licence plate and say where your car was relocated to. nice.

corrie said...

It was rather shocking not to see the car parked where we left it.

But, all's well that ends well. And, as you say, Linda, rather a courtesy tow than a "tow" tow : )