here and there

1. I've realized (and it only took me 27 years to realize it) that I'm not a quick reader. I mean, I can digest a book pretty quickly, but I can't pick up a book and read it for fifteen minutes and put it down again. If I pick up a book I need at least an hour. It makes me sad that I've had to make due with 15 minute to half hour snippets while so much real time has gone to movies and tv shows. I think I need that to change.

2. We've all been visiting my grandma while she's a temporary guest in a nursing home while my parents are in Alabama doing disaster relief. I have never gotten so many compliments in my life. I smile and say hi to residents as I walk down the hall to my grandma's room and I've gotten so many compliments. One gentleman even told me I have a beautiful figure! I mean, I go to visit Grandma and spend time with her, but it's a real confidence booster, too : )

3. Our church's retreat is this weekend. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also looking forward to it being over. I'm so tired already just thinking of all the work and all the prep that goes into it.

4. I've been too busy. There's just always one more thing I want to accomplish before I head to bed. Today that resulted in my supper sitting in the car, uneaten, until I got home and put it in the fridge for tomorrow's supper (except for the greek salad which I knew wouldn't survive the night). There's always just one more phone call to make, one more email to reply to, one more St. Patrick's Day card I need to make. I'm tired.

5. I ate my greek salad at 10:15 (a real greek salad, the kind with no lettuce, just veggies) and halfway through decided I didn't want to eat anything but the cucumbers. So I left the tomatoes and onions and olives in the bowl. I don't even feel guilty about it.

6. I've started using Jamieson ProVitamina A cream on my face at night. I love it. It makes my skin feel so soft. I've always been the hugest Nivea supporter, but this stuff is great. I love it. Whoops, I said that already. Oh well, I love it.