heigh-ho heigh-ho

It's off to work I go! If I could could actually whistle I'd whistle the rest of the song. (Yup, just checked again. Still can't whistle)

I'm loving my job lately.

I haven't had the best kids to work with, some of them have been down right ornery, one of them had to be taken down by three people in the classroom (just get your books next time! Was it really worth it to be so stubborn?) But there was never a day I came home never wanting to go back.

And now I'm with the same little guy for the next two months or so. Hooray. And he's a total (mischievous) sweetheart to boot.

I'm so glad I get to work where I work and I get to work with the people I work with. I learn something new everyday.

ps. We were picking cooking partners for shops next week and I was totally one of the first people picked to partner with! And I'm "just" a sub EA! I'm so tickled it's like *I'm* back in jr. high!


pamero said...

Yeah, and I am lovin' your work stories! They definitely beat the normal boring work stories that I'd tell. mmm...fuzzy peaches...