roll up your sleeves and dig in

What do you do when your little sister is back in the hospital and there's not a blasted thing you can do to help her get better faster?

You pull everything out of your fridge and give it the cleaning of it's lifetime.

You tidy your kitchen and bathrooms.

You throw in loads of laundry.

You call and beg them that if they need anything, anything at all they will call even if it's the middle of the night.

You pull out several recipes and bake and cook and bake.

You pray with all your might that they'll figure out how to help her and we'll have our old spunky, snarky Pam back and that soon we'll enjoy gingersnaps together and maybe, just maybe they can finally start being a family together.


Court said...

It's true, enough is enough already.
Get better soon Pam!