he says tomato, I say

I've been noticing lately that there are some fundamental differences between Daryl and I. First of all, the most obvious, he's a guy and I'm a girl. That goes a long way in explaining why we don't see eye to eye on a lot of things. But there's more.

When we got home Saturday night he immediately changed all the clocks back. He was looking forward to staying up an extra hour to watch a movie. I was looking forward to going to bed at the same time but getting to sleep in an hour.

Daryl's a dreamer. He'll talk about all the wonderful things we could do and how we could do it and make it work. I'll get out my measuring tape or start doing research or try to figure out how we can use our living room to raise miniature horses for profit, and then notice that he's completely forgotten about it and moved on to the next thing. He's the dreamer, I'm the planner.

Money serves a different purpose for each of us. For me, money is made to save, well, really, to hoard. I'm kinda like a dragon with it's treasure. For Daryl, money is made to spend. But, I must say, in the short time we've been together I think we've both gotten very good at compromising. Like, he won't buy another computer and I won't bite his head off for suggesting it.

We also don't see eye to eye in the area of food, either. I practically wept this morning when I had to throw out the bagels that I HAD JUST BOUGHT that had gone moldy already. Daryl doesn't even like looking at leftovers and is horrified at the thought of eating bread that has been frozen and would probably buy all his food on a meal by meal basis. But that does make grocery shopping tricky.

It sure makes life interesting to have to consider someone else's habits and not just get to have your own way all the time. After living on my own for so long it can be a challenge to share my space with someone else who I don't just get to boss around.

Or, don't want to just boss around.


beckster said...

My favourites:

"use our living room to raise miniature horses for profit"

"Like, he won't buy another computer and I won't bite his head off for suggesting it."

Good compromising!

Ha ha, oh Corrie, I miss you! And Daryl. Least you don't have me hanging around for a while too! I'm just as hard to please!

pamero said...

Yeah, but really, I know you ARE good at compromising! And it's one of the things I admire most about you.

And if you ever do get miniature horses...I will be SO excited because they're so, so cute!