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I didn't know how to comeback.

So I'll just post about what's troubling me most of all.

I turned thirty.

And I know less now than I did five years ago.

I am less confident in my opinions.

Less bold in my statements.

Less sure of a clear line between right and wrong.

I'm clearly on shakier ground than I was just a few years ago.

And this troubles me,

shouldn't my steps take me to more instead of less?


mmichele said...

welcome to thirty and welcome back to blogging!

pamero said...

Yeah, thirty might not be full of confidence, but at least your still cool to us, your friends.
Yes! I just figured out your title after two days of trying! (See, *and* your still smarter than your little sister. ;P)

beckster said...

Ha ha! I started reading it and recognized the sound of realestreanav in my head! hence I figured it out in about two minutes! Suck on that pam! and Corrie, I am looking forward to reading your most interesting blog again.

Anonymous said...

sounds to me like you are right on track . trust that it all comes back together again but it will feel both new and old at the same time.. i am 61 and still experience this kind of ebb and flow., i have learned to flow with it and enjoy the ride.