made me smile

I was cleaning up the Kidventure room after the large group time on Sunday, listening in on Nicole's small group discussion. She has the youngest group with kids ages three to five. We had just finished a lesson on Jesus healing the ten with leprosy and how, as much as He is concerned with us having healthy bodies, what He is really concerned about is us having healthy hearts. Nicole was talking about how Jesus made the lepers' skin clean and then the one who went back to say thank you had his heart cleaned as well.

Little Michaela pipes up, "It's like Jesus has a mop, but for our hearts!"

And that's why it's worth it.

Sunday after Sunday.


Linda said...

Oh, I like that.

pamero said...

yeah, I like it too. Ever since you told me that, I just keep thinking about it at the most random (divine randomess??) moments.

Krista said...

Kids just always know exactly what to say to make truth even more...truthier! Love it. Thanks for sharing!