found: one poem

I was vacuuming under my bed today and found a poem that I have no recollection writing. I did write it because it's in my handwriting and under my bed but I have no idea who or what it's about. That's pretty odd because usually when I write it's to capture a feeling or a memory, but this one just draws a blank in me. On the other hand, it's kinda cool. I could read it as if it was someone else's. And I gotta say. I kinda like it.

I mourn for you
with grief that is troubling.
Grief that drains the flavour
from my life
and steals the warmth
from comfort.

Grief holds me in an embrace
more real than you ever were
and watches, jealous,
when I fall asleep.

In dreams I wear a
widow's veil.
In nightmares you are real.

In my nightmare
you find me
and grief slinks away.


pamero said...

Good heavens,that had me tearing up without even knowing them. sniff. nice one.

kimberlalee said...

maybe it was your subconscience that knew about the poem all a long, and is not looking forward to giving up that potters wheel quite yet....
or my other thought is that you wrote it about a lost bollywood movie or something.
haha. seriously though, I 'm only sugar-coating it so I don't cry...

Linda said...

Wow. That is a beautiful piece.

Anonymous said...

It's a keeper.