the soreness and swelling have gone down

For my birthday

Pam and Don

rented me

a potter's wheel.

I have it for

whole month


I'm already wondering

when the month is up

what will I do without it?


Michele said...

how exciting!

i must come and see it!

i was wondering what the funny noise was the other day!

ccap said...

Goodness, gracious! That rocks. No wonder she was so proud of her gift (and said that it was heavy and she needed a car to bring it home). Wow. My gift certificate to Le Chateau is now going to seem all the MORE pathetic.

pamero said...

ha ha ha ha. Oh cynthia, that comment alone was like a wonderful funny birthday present. It made me laugh out loud at work! Also, just let me side note what a selfish present it is seeing as how I live right down the stairs...

Linda said...

What a lovely gift! Will you be having a show once your month is up?