it was a hard trip

less like a road trip more like punishment
less like a freeway more like enslavement
less like a holiday more like it's purgatory
less like the interstate more like a trap

less like a milkshake more like a poison
less like a hotel more like a rest stop
less like refreshment more like frustration
less like easy, less like vacation

Oh... Sara Groves... you were worth it all.


kimberlalee said...

ha ha haaaa... that was clever, and all so true.
well done with second verse!
and isn't it funny how the only times I forgot about our ridiculous situation was at the concert and when I was asleep. but then we slept in, and that kind of made me jump out of bed and start another crazy day...
but oh was she worth it.

beckster said...

She made everything okay...

Linda said...

Glad to hear that Sara made it all worth it.

ccap said...

Okay, THAT made me laugh out loud. Sitting at my desk, all alone, tears streaming down my cheeks. Thank you.

pamero said...

That was the best.
I don't even want to post after that.
I think I will go listen to some S.G. though.