toasty warm

Guess what I did this week? I went to a concert at a church.

And there were christian people there.

And it was actually good.

It was at one of those huge, where-do-they-get-the-money-for-all-this-stuff? kinda churches, and some of the people were the kind of christians who shellack their makeup on and sing along whole heartedly (with their eyes *closed*) to all the lyrics because this is a safe, christian band. And even with all these things the concert was good. (Oh man... I can feel the fires of hell getting closer and closer) I'd say one of the top concerts of the year for me. The band was super casual and joked around on stage all night. I loved their music, the sound was superb, and I even went and talked to one of the guys later about an album they have that inspired and uplifed me. And he was very approachable. Actually, I felt like he was getting as much out of the conversation as I was. There was no faking it at all. The whole night. And I can smell fakeness from a mile away.


Daryl said...

You've left me in suspense. Who is this mystical christian band you speak so highly of?

corrie said...

Ummm... oh yah... it was Caedman's Call. They were awesome.

And they had two drummers.

Very cool.