my one hundred and first post

I think I'm just going to be a blog moocher from now on. I don't have anything I want to post about but I'm going to enjoy the work other people put into their blogs. It's about time I was the lazy one and let other people do all the work.


Daryl said...

Hey! Please excuse my leaving messages for you here, but this is the only way I know how to get a hold of you. My friend Jeremy and I are moving to Winnipeg in the next month or so and he's looking for work. He's an amazing chef, he actually won first place in appetizers and top apprentice in Manitoba at the culinary competition back in January. Remembering that you work in an up-scale French restaurant, I figured I'd just ask if you guys happened to be looking for some help in the kitchen.

My email address is if you wouldn't mind letting me know either way. I would appreciate that. Maybe we'll run into each other at an amazing show someday (perhaps Wilco on the 15th of August?).